Out to Lunch

Ladies in white hats

and men laughing in wool suits.

The captain ready to set sail.

It’s a party on the twelve o’clock seas.

An event not to be missed –

If you have the soul to spare that is.

The townsfolk paying their weekly dues.

Empty promises don’t fill the coffers you see.

And parties at sea don’t come cheap.

Someone’s gotta pay the rising cost.

Townsfolk raising their hands in despair.

If only they could sail the high seas!

Meals at home getting sparse 

for a man sinking below the line,

hands bleeding in a bid to survive.

The gulls getting hungry now too.

They’ll make a meal outta him yet.

Ladies in white hats

and men laughing in wool suits 

placing their bids before long.

A game not for the weak of heart.

Another fool trying to stay afloat.

The chosen few baring their teeth.

For greed demands its pound of flesh.

©Brenda Baker ~ Caffeinated Ramblings 2017

4 thoughts on “Out to Lunch

  1. Hi Brenda 🙂
    I love the cadence in this poem. I enjoyed the contrasts between social classes – made me think how we all have a “life boat”. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Tami!💜 Rhythm is very important to me when I write. I wanted to highlight the struggles of the poor in a world where even basic needs are unaffordable for some. It also represents my first attempt at some kind of satire.😊

    1. Thank you as always, Sheldon. I hope you know how much I appreciate your support. I hope this comment sees you well. Wishing you a most wonderful week ahead. 🙂

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