Flowers and Ash

Fear grows with each new vanishing. People believe an ancient legend has returned.

The land of Wrunwicks has been at peace for more than a hundred years. In the town of Stonebridge, Lisette’s mother was among the first to never return home. Nine years later, Lisette still mourns the loss of her mother.

With the help of her friends, Lisette embarks on a quest to uncover the truth behind the vanishings. Throughout her journey, Lisette unlocks the secrets to a land born of conflict and betrayal – and discovers the truth about herself. Along the way, she will meet the fair folk of Evergreen Forest and confront the monsters that invade her land.

Flowers and Ash is a magical tale of love, loyalty, and courage.


There be no greater good than that of a unified kingdom. One land, one people, one Mother. ~King Lazoran Ⅲ


Wrunwicks Map


A land where the wrunwick once ruled.




Wrunwicks Timeline



The Virtues of Utaika


In Wrunwicks, the people follow the fourteen virtues of Utaika: love, hope, truth, mercy, wisdom, justice, courage, bravery, modesty, humility, forgiveness, gratitude, purpose, and harmony.

The knights of old were expected to follow all fourteen virtues. But five virtues, in particular, were essential for a knight to uphold daily as one of the king’s men: truth, justice, wisdom, hope, and courage.




The Moon Cycles O/O


The names of the twelve moon cycles were derived from the major constellations populating the Wrunwicks sky. The major constellations as noted by the moon keepers: Jutos, Trios, Hiros, Curos, Neomos, Saromok, Luomor, Raomos, Neomos, Saromok, Luomor, Raomos, Winomok, Laromos, Srumos, Romor, Maomor, Swomok, Kaomos, Drumos, Morok, Yeiros. Below is a sketch of the constellations.




Stonebridge Map


Lisette’s Hometown


Wrunwicks Foods and Recipes 


Recipes were primarily adapted from The Forme of Cury and A Book of Cookrye. The Forme of Cury remains one of the oldest known cookbooks written in English. How cool is that! Neither book gives amounts or cooking times, so I based both on modern cooking times and quantities where possible—although you will notice a definite lack of measurements compared to modern recipes. I also adapted the recipes to suit my needs and those of Wrunwickers, who didn’t have sugar or certain other original ingredients like dates. They did have honey, however. So I substituted honey for sugar and raisins for dates in all recipes. I did try to stay as close as possible to the original recipes. I’m hoping to add more recipes to this page over the next while, but I thought I’d start with Lisette’s favourite dish. 

Egg Pudding (Lisette’s all-time favourite food)


6 Eggs, 4-5 bread slices, salt, sugar, cinnamon, ginger, raisins, butter, meat broth (optional), juice from grapes, crabapples or other fruit.


  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
  • Break bread into chunks of your preferred size.
  • Beat eggs and combine with salt, honey, cinnamon, and ginger.
  • Add butter, meat broth, juice or ale, and raisins to the egg mixture.
  • Mix together with bread or pour over, ensuring the bread is soaked.
  • Bake for 45 minutes.

Nora’s Tip: Save enough broth from your pottage to make egg pudding and use soured wine or ale in the place of juice.

Note: In modern recipes, egg (or bread) pudding calls for milk instead of meat broth and juice derived from fruits. 

In case you’d like to read more about the cookbooks, you can click on the following links:

The Forme of Cury

A Book of Cookrye







This page is a work in progress, so if there’s anything you’d like for me to add (including any recipes), please let me know in the comments below or by sending me a quick email through the contact form. Finally, if you have not yet purchased your copy of FLowers and Ash but would like to do so, it’s available on Amazon in hardcover and ebook. 

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