Shaggy Hair and Other Caffeinated News

I should warn you that this week’s post has no particular point or direction. So once again, it’ll probably end up being one of my caffeinated rambles – hence the name of this blog. 🙂

First of all, I’d like to share that I’ve begun writing poetry again! Since publishing my book (I couldn’t resist sharing the above image), I’ve spent so much time learning everything I can about the publishing industry that I haven’t had much time or head space to pursue my love of poetry.

Instead, I’ve been editing a previously written poetic series and entertaining a novel idea. Then one evening this week, as I was cleaning up after supper, I heard a gentle knock at the door. The words were back. And they couldn’t wait to share what they had to say!

I immediately picked up my pencil and notebook. Later that night I celebrated with my usual dance in the kitchen. I had forgotten how good it felt to follow the words. A new journey had begun! I don’t know if you can tell, but I’m pretty gosh darn excited!

Shaggy Dogs

Speaking of my first book, as you know, I’ve  devoted most or all of my spare time to working on it up until about now. So I never really noticed my hair was slowly growing out of hand. And when I did notice sometime in January, I still didn’t care enough to take the couple hours required to have it trimmed and colored. This came to an abrupt halt yesterday as I glanced in the bathroom mirror. I thought I’d give you some idea of what I look like right now.

Yup. This is what happens when I go eight months without getting my hair done. I promptly called the salon for an appointment. I’m all set to go for May 4th at 6 p.m! I’ll be sure to share an updated photo when it looks much, much tamer. Now my memory isn’t what it use to be, so if I forget, feel free to give me a holler. Seriously, some days I can’t remember what day of the week it is.

Across the Miles

While I was washing my hair, which led to me glancing in the mirror and my subsequent hair appointment, I heard the phone ringing. And for whatever reason (daughter’s intuition maybe?), I knew it was Mom on the other end. I couldn’t answer due to a head full of shampoo, but I could hear Mom’s voice coming in from the living room.

This led to an afternoon chat of almost three hours. As always, we talked about everything and nothing in particular. We have another phone date set for next Saturday.

It was my first time actually talking to Mom in way too long. Sure, we text and message each other almost every day, but it isn’t the same – you know what I mean?

For starters, you can’t cover as much ground or hear each other’s voices through text messages – regardless of how many. And I love hearing my mother’s voice. It always does me a world of good. So why don’t we talk more often? I think we’re guilty (like many others) of becoming so caught up in the day to day, that we forget to take time out for what’s really important – things like family and friends.

OK, I’m way, way more guilty than Mom of this. I’m sure Mom would call every day if it were possible. Every time we do talk, Mom makes me feel as though there’s absolutely nothing else she’d rather be doing. And even after a three hour conversation, I could hear the sadness in my mother’s voice as we hung up. I plan to keep our phone date.

As I type, I’m reminded of the time I sent Mom this selfie – a face only a mother could love. I’m not sure why I look so bloody contrary. It probably had something to do with the snow waiting for me in the driveway. But man, I look awful – another “ah well’ moment. Those moments seem to be occurring more often as I get older.

Unfazed, this was Mom’s response to my selfie. My mother has a great sense of humor with a laugh to match. And as you can see, we’re wearing matching hats, no make-up, and absolutely no regard for how we look. The point is that we both had fun. And sometimes, that’s all that really matters. Life shouldn’t always be taken seriously. And we shouldn’t take ourselves seriously all the time, either. Wouldn’t you agree?

Until next time, be kind to yourself. And as always, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. I love hearing from you. 🙂

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