Playing With the Angels

When you listen with your heart, you can hear the angels sing. You can hear them in the rustle of the leaves – or in the early morning song of a sparrow, announcing a new day and new beginnings…

You came into this world surrounded by the love of your family, Roy. And you were so young when the angels called your name.

Heaven is your eternal playground now, filling it with the everlasting music of your laughter. A song of joy and celebration as you play with the angels. Your young spirit forevermore in a state of wonder and innocence – eyes open in amazement, gazing at the beauty around you. 

You see, every now and then, a beautiful spirit is born – too beautiful for this world. The angels saw this, and set you free.

I’ll see you again someday, my brother. Together, you and I will sing and dance to the chorus of the angels. 

We’ll take long walks at night and admire the stars. Each star, a brilliant reflection of our love for those we’ve left behind. And each star a reflection of their love for us, connecting each of us in the night sky – just as the stars connect us now.

I remember how much you loved airplanes. Have you learned to sail the skies in a plane of your very own? You could take me for a ride someday. Together, we’ll sail heaven’s untold skies.

Until then, Dad is with you. The angels have given you an eternity together. Side by side you journey, outplaying time and space. Reunited at last, you’ve found your way home.

Heaven is your eternal playground now,
filling it with the everlasting music of your laughter –
a song of joy and celebration.
And if I listen carefully,
I can hear you in the rustle of the leaves.

©Brenda Baker 2018

It was my brother’s birthday yesterday, so I wanted to remember him through these words of love. Roy would be forty-two now.

After five daughters, my brother was born. You can imagine the joy and excitement that we all felt. I will never forget the day that Mom brought Roy home. A baby brother was definitely cause for celebration.

In my tribute, I’ve included a photo of Roy from his kindergarten graduation. He never made it to grade one. But those we love are never gone from us, remaining forever in our hearts.

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