Embracing the Unknown

Hi everyone! I hope this week’s post sees you well and in good health.

This week was slow for me on the substitute teaching side of things as the school year begins to wind down. Many teachers will be starting their yearly review soon in preparation for final exams. Teachers want their students to succeed and will go out of their way to make that happen.

I was in a replacement position last year and went so far as to personally deliver any missed assignments to one student’s home. The completed assignments were passed in with a smile and words of gratitude.

I went back to substitute teaching this year by choice. I love the challenge and ever changing environment that it provides my nomadic soul. I moved around a lot growing up, which means that I became use to moving from place to place – to place. And as an adult, I now crave the same change.

During my university years, I’d periodically change around the furniture in my living room. It satisfied that need for a new environment. But I haven’t changed around my living room in years. I don’t need to anymore. I’ve found a profession that provides all the change I need. What’s not to love?

Writing on the other hand, provides me with an ever changing mental landscape. I’m also noticing less need for change in my physical world as I continue to write. The act of writing gives me a since of inner peace and balance.

And this week, I was able to write a couple of poems toward my next full-length poetry book. Two themes are beginning to emerge so far. I’ll see where it goes as I continue to follow the words. They’re even more stubborn than I am – and that’s harder than you might think. I’m about as stubborn as you’ll ever find.

But what’s most exciting is the series I’m now working on. If you followed my first blog, you may remember Autumn. She’s the teenage runaway who received so much positive feedback from readers. I’ve decided to edit her story, fill in the initial blanks, and finish it.

As I begin work on the series, there’s also some philosophical inclinations creeping in. I can’t say with absolute certainty, but it’s looking like the final product will be a mixture of poetry, story telling, and social commentary – I can only hope it works.

The series began as an effort to lend my voice to an under represented group of people. And my greatest fear is not doing justice to the issues treated within my series. The reader will be the final judge of course. It always comes down to the reader.

Anyhow, at this point in the series, I really want to hug Autumn and tell her that it’s going to work out. Although I don’t think she’s ready to hear those words, so I resist the urge. I’m more than happy listening to what she has to say instead.

Right now, I’m hoping to publish a chapbook which shares the beginning of Autumn’s journey. And I’m hoping to publish at least one more chapbook about this gutsy young girl who refuses to give up. But time remains our greatest source of knowledge. So I’ll see what happens.

I seem to be in a perpetual state of not knowing. But that’s fine with me. It’s nearly impossible to keep growing if we only stick to what we already know. And I’ve discovered that in addition to coffee and music, I’m also addicted to learning.

I wanted to keep this post short and sweet, so I’m off to see what Autumn’s up to now. The last time I checked, she was talking to Jimmy.

Until next time, be kind to yourselves.


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