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Love’s Promise

  Two souls now joined in time, with love’s candle guiding them here. Their union sealed by faith, and kissed by Venus – Whispering a simple promise to hold them forever in her arms....


Out to Lunch

Ladies in white hats and men laughing in wool suits. The captain ready to set sail. It’s a party on the twelve o’clock seas. An event not to be missed – If you have...


By Your Hand

You held me in your arms, then you took me by the hand. And when I crossed the street, you told me to hold on tight. The light in a sea of faces, you...


My Gift to You

As I marvel at your creation, I’m reminded that miracles do exist. Each finger and toe a masterpiece.  My heart overflowing with unknown wonder. This life made whole by your presence – gifted to...


Through the Years

When I grow up, I’m gonna be a princess. I’m gonna buy a castle  and live happily ever after… Well, maybe not. But when I grow up, I’m gonna have lots of money. I’m...


Invisible Ghost

Wrapped in a thick heavy silence – Its weight pressing my skull. Words bound by blood searching for their final resting place. My body screaming in protest – trapped in these silent waters too...


April Showers

Old Man Winter stands his ground as Spring approaches. Each determined to prevail – Neither willing to back down. Off in the distance, Spring preparing for battle. Old grudges will come to bear –...


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