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The Reaper

Jane didn’t fear the Reaper – because she was gonna take down the Devil. She was tired of waiting for someone to help her. She’d been waiting for seven years while he beat her...


Murder on Birch Street

Max was lying in his usual spot for this time of evening. He prided himself on being a creature of good habits, and the fire was so inviting during the cold winter months in...


My Gift to You

As I marvel at your creation, I’m reminded that miracles do exist. Each finger and toe a masterpiece.  My heart overflowing with unknown wonder. This life made whole by your presence – gifted to...


Through the Years

When I grow up, I’m gonna be a princess. I’m gonna buy a castle  and live happily ever after… Well, maybe not. But when I grow up, I’m gonna have lots of money. I’m...


Invisible Ghost

Wrapped in a thick heavy silence – Its weight pressing my skull. Words bound by blood searching for their final resting place. My body screaming in protest – trapped in these silent waters too...


On Being a Teacher-Part 1

Students Ask the Darnedest Things  As a high school teacher, my students will sometimes ask me about what it takes to be a teacher. I always say that you need to like teenagers. Obvious,...


April Showers

Old Man Winter stands his ground as Spring approaches. Each determined to prevail – Neither willing to back down. Off in the distance, Spring preparing for battle. Old grudges will come to bear –...


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