I Finished My Book!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted. But in my defense, I’ve been really busy. I finally finished my book, and it went live this week!

To get to that point meant removing myself from social media and blogging. Instead, I’ve used every spare minute to work on my book, with a short break during Christmas to spend time with my family.

I had so much to learn about self-publishing, and the entire process has given me a new found respect for indie authors. Self-publishing is a lot of work to say the least.

Any writer who self-publishes would have to possess a certain degree of passion, madness, or both. I mean, to willingly take on that much work – with absolutely no guarantees whatsoever of a return on their time or hard work, would have to require some passion mixed with a dash of madness.

When my own book went live, I was a mixed bag of emotions. After countless hours at my laptop, I wondered if it had all been for not. Was my book worth reading? Maybe I was deluding myself into thinking that I had anything of value to say. Would people hate it? Would people even want to read it? What would my family and friends think after reading my book  – should any of my family or friends decide to read it. The self-doubt went on and on.

Fortunately, one of my beautiful sisters  bought the Kindle edition as soon as it went live (the paperback wasn’t available until a day later, although I don’t think she would’ve waited for it to arrive anyways) and immediately proceeded to start reading.

My sister would read so much and then message me her feedback. This went on for quite a while. And by the time she finished reading, she had managed to squash most of my self-doubt. I will always be grateful for the support she offered that day.

And my sister being who she is, didn’t stop there. She then went on Facebook and wrote these beautiful words:

First book I have read in a very long time and got to say now I miss reading. This book gave me inspiration and put a lot of topics in perspective. I even cried as the words are so impactful. If anyone is looking for an uplifting and powerful book to read this is what I would recommend. Thank you to the author.

Well, I’ll admit that I almost cried when I read what she had to say. I can never thank her enough for the support she’s given me over the past number of days. Thank you, sis!

Finding Their Way Home is a collection of 62 poems divided into four sections. Some of the poems were written specifically for the book – while others were curated from my first blog, then edited for the book.

I’m still waiting for both editions to link on amazon. Right now the Kindle edition is only available at amazon.ca, and the paperback edition is only available at amazon.com.

Kindle edition

Paperback edition

I’m also in the process of creating a Goodreads account. If you happen to be on Goodreads, feel free to look me up. 🙂 https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/76703718-brenda-baker


Until next time, be kind to yourself.

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