Flowers and Ash Book Review

Book reviews are vital to indie authors, so I was thrilled to read this amazing review for Flowers and Ash on Instagram by Grace Jackson. Please feel free to tag me in your own reviews, social media pictures, or posts about Flowers and Ash on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms where I hang out. I love hearing from you!

Brenda Baker’s “Flowers and Ash” is a very tragic and captivating read. The story is that of a town which has a twisted and untouched (for a quite long time) history, named Stonebridge. When one day a woman doesn’t return home, her daughter Lisette panics and goes utterly broken. Even after nine years, she is unable to get past the pain. But the problem was that this vanishing was not the only one. More took place and the whole town was frightened of who might be next and whether it would ever stop. Lisette takes upon herself the goal of solving this mystery and bringing out the culprit. What does she have to put at stake in this mission of hers? The book is worth your time and effort.

The book is not very long. It can be read in two sittings quite easily. I finished it in one go because of its ability to grab a reader’s attention. I was stuck to it from the very second chapter as the crooked nature of the town was getting revealed and the story’s pace began to take shape. I was immersed in the story till the end. The end is a pathbreaker. I was not expecting that ending to such a twisted story. The moral of the story, according to me, is “Sometimes it’s right in front of our eyes.” The characters are one of a kind. With each one having its unique set of traits and specialties, they add to the crispiness of the story. The more I dived deeper, the more my anticipation rose. Loved it.

For readers of traumatic experiences and fictional plots, this book is a very good fit. I would also recommend this book to those who like to read and explore new imaginative and mysterious stories. This story will leave a creative impact on any reader’s mind. Happy reading folks!
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