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The Seekers – A Legend Is Born (Part 9)

When the Battle Ends (cont’d) “Are those birds from Krousus, Mhutig?” Lisette asked with the all too familiar feeling of being upside down.  Following the direction of her eyes, Mhutig appraised the two birds....

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The Seekers – A Time to Act (Part 8)

The Real Question (cont’d) “That settles it then,” Lisette said. “Now we wait and hope those footsteps are friendly.” Although she suspected the difference of her words, she wanted to offer some degree of...

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The Seekers – The Real Question (Part 7)

Monsters in the Forest (cont’d) “What should we do with him?” Aspen asked, pointing to the cyclops, who even in death, looked ready to kill – his one round eye cold and unblinking. “We...

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The Seekers – An Unlikely Friend (Part 5)

The Centaur With Florette back inside the hood of her riding jacket, Lisette continued her address, “I am Lisette, daughter of Samuel and Nora. We seek the truth behind the vanishings of our people.”...

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The Seekers – A Surprise Encounter (Part 2)

The Seekers (continued) On the fourth day of their journey, the seekers visited Shewbridge. Upon hearing the villagers’ stories about missing family and friends, they shared similar stories from their own village. Lisette informed...

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The Seekers – A New Age Has Dawned

The Vanishings Once upon a time there lived a beautiful princess in a far, faraway land. Well, maybe she wasn’t beautiful. And maybe she wasn’t a princess. But she did live far, far from...


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