A Look Back to Count My Blessings

As we navigate our way through life, we’re bound to make a mistake, maybe two, maybe more. It goes with the territory and it’s called being human. I have to yet to meet someone, anyone, who has never tripped up. Often times, those mistakes teach us our most valuable lessons – etched into our consciousness by way of hard knocks, failed attempts, bruised egos, and the occasional sore spot. What’s an imperfect person suppose to do?

Also inevitable are the regrets that come with time and age. Not to be downer, but that got me to thinking about my own regrets. I don’t spend time tracking my mistakes because it would prove to be a never ending endeavor. At least my list of regrets is a bit more manageable.

And to be honest, when I first thought of what regrets I might have, I couldn’t think of any. I don’t tend to dwell in the past. This means that I’ve never really thought about the subject of my own regret.

But after a slow start, I was able to compile the following list. While it’s not a complete list, it does include the first regrets that come to mind. So, here goes nothing…

Those Almighty Regrets

  • I didn’t learn to swim or skate. I have a fear of the water, which causes me to hyperventilate if either body of water reaches my waist. An irrational reaction that I’ve never overcome. I did begin learning how to skate, but a friend of a friend, who owned the skates, requested her skates back. I’ve never put on another pair of skates. Those things cost money and now I’m 48 without the inclination to buy or learn.
  • I will always curse the day I started smoking as a teenager. I was seventeen and didn’t know any better. In the 80’s, people still smoked in public buildings and it was the cool thing to do among my peers. I tried to quit once a few years back, but it resulted in six months of severe sleep deprivation, leading to some scary hallucinations. In a desperate need of sleep, I started smoking again. I know what a bad habit it is, so please don’t judge me for it.
  • Oh, how I wish that I’d learned to play the guitar. And although I’m not quite ready to rule out the possibility, the odds get slimmer and slimmer as time goes its merry way.
  • Even though I couldn’t afford to stay in university a day longer, I still regret not getting my Special Education degree. But I needed to get out into the real world and make some money. I had two beautiful daughters counting on me.
  • I would’ve loved to meet my husband sooner. I was 33 when we met in the tiny community I now call home. However, we can’t change the past, so I’m grateful for our future together.

Like I’ve mentioned, this list is by no means comprehensive, but they’re probably my five biggest regrets ( I could dig deeper, but nah). And as I look back, I’m reminded of my greatest blessings and success stories – for which I’m grateful every day.

My Shining Stars

  • My two daughters are at the top of the list, of course. I’m so proud of the young ladies they’ve become. And despite my parenting mistakes, they are amazing. So if you have children, don’t knock yourself up over every little blunder. Our children are a lot more resilient then we might think.
  • My husband, proving everything follows its own timeline – including love. Speaking of my husband, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish him, all the other fathers out there, and my own dad who now lives in our hearts and memories, a very happy Father’s Day.

  • My job as a substitute teacher and the students I interact with. They hold the future in their hands. It’s up to us as parents and educators to lead them into that future by our best example, ensuring a brighter future for everyone.
  • The self-publishing of my first book. It represents the realization of a once distant dream. Never give up on what makes your soul sing to its favorite song. Now is probably a good time to share the book trailer that I put together last weekend. I’ll admit to being a little surprised by the positive response. And to save file space, I’m simply sharing the link from YouTube.



  • Finally, I’m blessed to have a group of family members and friends who support me in my dreams. No one can follow our dreams for us, but it’s always nice to have company as we travel the next highway.

Well, that’s it for now. Until next time, be kind to yourself.💜

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