Silent Passengers – Inside the Train

A leap of Faith (cont’d)

Becky could see the door, but despite Amy’s assurance, she was in no hurry to open it. Knowing and doing didn’t always follow one another. And while Becky believed and trusted her friend, she didn’t want to leave this place, or Amy.

“Everything will work out as it is intended, little one. Remember that I will remain in your heart as I have always been. Only now, you will recognize my voice. And it simply isn’t possible to stay here. The journey must be taken.” Amy had seen so many hesitate in this moment. Her job is to help them find the courage to take those first steps into the unknown. The same steps she, herself had taken centuries ago. Although here on the platform, those centuries held no temporal reference.

As Becky listened in silence, she admired the door. She’s not surprised by its white marble structure. She would’ve been surprised if it were made of something else. Although unlike the platform or the spiral, this door also served as a mirror for the stars and infinite spiral corridors. The door handle seemed to hold a fragment of the universe inside its transparent surface . What waits on the other side of that door? Will I meet someone like Amy? Becky doubted that there was anyone else like this woman.

Turning to her friend, Becky wonders if it would be appropriate to give Amy a hug before leaving. Affectionate by nature, Becky has never shied away from a hug. Herself, giving them often to friends and family – a simple gesture of love and friendship.

Appropriate or not, Becky stands up and extends her arms to Amy. At 5’8, Becky isn’t unusually tall, but next to her tiny friend, she feels like a giraffe. Becky can’t help but admire the grace with which Amy stands up, raising her arms to welcome the hug of her young charge.

“Come here, my child. Remember to always trust your heart. It knows what the brain sometimes cannot. Our brain preferring facts to feelings. But some things are not known by facts alone. And the heart sees what the eye is sometimes too afraid to see. Our eyes seeing only what they have the courage to see – their vision therefore limited.

In awe of this kind woman, whose presence extended far greater than her modest stature, Becky takes her time hugging Amy, before taking the few required steps to the door. As she turns the door handle, it looks as though she’s holding a small part of the universe in her right hand.

Before doing what she must, Becky steals a final glance at Amy, who was smiling like a proud mother watching her child on the first day of school. Becky smiles, but says nothing. Amy already knew the words in her heart, so with a silent goodbye, Becky opens the door and steps over the threshold.

The Train – Chapter 2

Unsure what to expect, Becky looks around to discover that she’s on a train. A white marble train with cushions the same color as those accenting the preceding rocking chairs. The universe is certainly consistent. Becky muses while continuing to take in her surroundings. Why am I on a train of all things? Where is it going? Where am I going?

Searching for the smallest of clues, Becky finds none. The train offering more questions, but not a single answer. The windows, shaped like trees in a November wind, proudly display their branches, all reaching toward the roof to connect every window that Becky could see. The result is a breathtaking view of the train’s geography.

At first Glance, Becky could only see the stars and the same corridors from outside the blue spiral. However, on closer inspection, she sees what appears to be a spiral train track filled with more stars. Although these stars are made up of every color in the rainbow, and other colors for which Becky has no words. But words weren’t required to bear witness to their existence. All that’s required is the knowledge that they exist.

Well, I’m not in Kansas anymore. And I’m not in the Land of Oz either. Becky couldn’t resist looking down at her feet. And I’m not wearing ruby slippers. So there’s no going back. Despite her sense of humor, Becky doesn’t laugh at her latest joke, knowing full well that finding her way back, means moving forward.

Now what? Noticing that all the seats are empty, Becky hopes she’s not the only passenger on board. It would make for a very lonely trip. Where do I go from here? First the spiral that went nowhere, and now this train. Is it going nowhere too? Am I in the middle of a cosmic joke?

Have faith in the train, little one. You are where you need to be, and the train will take you where need to go. Becky recognized Amy’s voice, just as Amy said she would.

Regardless of who else might, or might not be on the train, Becky lets out a sigh of relief. At least she has Amy, which is more than she had inside the spiral. The knowledge renewing Becky’s strength and sense of purpose, she decides to explore what lies beyond this empty passenger car. And maybe find some answers to her questions.

©Brenda Baker 2018



On a Personal Note

As I continue writing this short story, I’m never quite sure where to stop each post. No matter where I stop, it always feels too abrupt. So I figured this was as good a spot as any. I don’t want to rush the story. And, if you’re following Becky’s journey along with me, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading so far.

This week’s post is a wee bit late. In my defense, I celebrated two birthdays last week (my youngest daughter’s and my husband’s), along with my wedding anniversary. The weather has also been unusually nice here, so I’ve been taking advantage and spending a lot more time outside, soaking up the sun. There’ll be plenty of time to write soon enough.

This will also be my last blog post for a couple of weeks. Every summer, I take a road trip with my hubby. We were thinking of leaving on Sunday or Monday, but he’s recovering from a bad sunburn due to that nice weather I mentioned, so we’re delaying our trip until this Friday.

We have no set destination in mind this year. Instead, we’ll see where the wind takes us. And we haven’t decided how long we’ll be gone exactly. We’ll decide that on the road.

And I always take my laptop and Kindle, but I rarely find time to write on one of our trips. Although each trip provides me with more writing inspiration. I’m hoping this year’s trip will do the same, of course. In any case, the changing scenery should be good for the both of us.

Well, that’s it for now. Wishing everyone an amazing week filled with love, peace, and happiness! Until next time, be kind to yourself.




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