Silent Passengers – Inside the Spiral (Part 2)

The tiny woman spoke directly to Becky’s heart, bypassing the need to voice her words. Each guardian took great care not to break the silence protecting the spiral’s passengers. She sat rocking in her chair.

Becky recognized the rhythm. It was the same as the rhythm inside the spiral. Only now, a rocking chair replaced the steps, and the first step was replaced by a patient backward stroke. One rock back, one forward, then pause.

“Before you begin your journey, let us sit for a while.” The woman gestures for Becky to take a seat. It’s a matching rocking chair next to her own.

The chairs rested on a white marble platform extending from the slide. They were made of the same marble, their frame uninterrupted. Blue cushions in the same shade and material as Becky’s uniform accented the seat and back of each chair.

She’d been a part of the blue spiral for so long, that Becky couldn’t remember the last time she sat anywhere. However, she couldn’t think of a single reason to refuse this woman’s kind invitation.

So, as the spiral paused once again, Becky made her way to the rocking chair without single a drop of grace. She was no longer sure how to walk without the spiral’s rhythm to steady her legs. And once seated, Becky fell back into the rhythm’s comfort. One rock back, one forward, then pause. Her rhythm identical to the tiny woman’s.

Once back, Once Forward

“Now that you’ve exited the spiral, we can voice our words. Although it isn’t necessary, but most find it difficult at first to speak directly to the heart. It takes practice. And you’ll want your voice for the journey ahead.” The tiny woman, who appeared to be in her late fifties, voiced her words. She was dressed in the same uniform as Becky, but hers was a darker blue.

To Becky, the woman’s words sounded strange and foreign after the long silence. She wasn’t sure if she even had a voice left. So she didn’t respond, preferring to listen instead, as the woman continued.

“My name is Amica by the way, but you can call me Amy. I’ve watched over you since you were born, Becky. So I know you must have a lot of questions. Your insatiable curiosity has served you well over the years.” She reached over to hold Becky’s hand. Amy knew that what she must tell Becky might be confusing at first. And thanks to centuries of experience, Amy also knew to be patient with those in her charge.

“Where am I?” Becky voiced hesitantly, speaking for the first time. Amy’s hand gave her the courage to finally ask the question. The answer no longer mattered, but she still wanted to know.

A Fall to Grace

“My dear child, before arriving inside the spiral, you fell to the floor in a drunken stupor, banging your head so hard on your way down, that you didn’t survive the fall.” Amy could think of no gentler way to tell her charge. She waited for the words to sink in.

Becky continued to rock quietly. The surrounding peace buffered Amy’s words. She was dead because of a  drunken accident. So much for good health. She started drinking as teenager. A habit grown worse over the years, but she lacked the courage to live without it. And now she didn’t have to live without it.

“I knew the drinking would get the better of you, but I couldn’t interfere with the free will given to you at birth. I could only be the guide within your heart.” Amy knew that Becky wasn’t a spiritual person, let alone a person of faith. More importantly, Amy knew the kindness and compassion that lived in Becky’s heart. She was his child, whether Becky realized it or not. And she was worth saving.

“This place exists in another dimension outside time and space, as you’ve come to understand it. The map to here is encoded inside a person’s DNA. Only hearts with enough light can read it after death.Unfortunately, some souls cannot be redeemed. Those souls are filled with too much darkness, to ever let in the light. The darkness begins as a seed, and will grow if watered.

The map was encoded shortly after the time of creation, and its process is irreversible. You see, little one, God loves all his children, but he can’t allow the darkness into his home. It has claimed too many of his children already. If the darkness grows big enough, it becomes a virus, spreading to infect the weak and the young with its shadow.” By now, Amy could hear the questions forming in Becky’s heart.

Out of Time

“So, am I in heaven?” At twenty-seven, Becky hadn’t given much thought to an afterlife. She was too busy escaping her self, and establishing herself as a serious journalist. It hadn’t occurred to her that she would run out of time.

“No you’re not, my dear child. This is the station where you must begin your long journey home. The seed of darkness exists within everyone by the age of maturity. It was either planted by someone whose shadow had spread, or by the sum of a person’s choices – the cost of free will.

A few younger ones may also carry the seed of darkness, planted by infection. All seeds planted by infection take less time to extract and destroy. The very young are still so pure of heart, and the map is still so strong within their DNA, that their map leads straight to heaven.”

“So I carry the seed of darkness? How can I find and destroy it? What if I’m not strong enough?” Becky sincerely doubted being up to the task. Her brief years as a journalist didn’t prepare her for this.

“Only you can answer those questions, Becky. And, I cannot go with you, my child, but I will remain the voice within your heart – a guide when you need it most.”

Becky’s voice had grown stronger as she sat and listened. She remembered the questions lost inside the spiral.

“Where does the blue spiral go, and what about all those people inside the spiral? Where are they going?”

“You must not forget what you learned during your own time inside the spiral, little one. The spiral has nowhere to go. It exists as the universe exists. The spiral is a time of transition from your earthly body to your heavenly body. The time spent inside the spiral is meant to free your soul from its physical bond and strengthen you, so you may undertake the journey ahead.

For some that journey is a pilgrimage, for others a quest, and for the unlucky ones, it’s a struggle of different degrees. The root and growth of  each seed determine their personal journey. Each person inside the spiral will exit when they’re strong enough to begin that journey. The spiral has platforms like this one throughout its entirety, waiting to greet the passengers .

While Amy spoke, Becky admired the blue spiral – its perfect form remaining a thing of beauty. What would her journey entail? What waited for her beyond the spiral? Would she be able to find the seed of darkness and destroy it? Would she be able to find her way home?

©Brenda Baker 2018



In case you missed part one, you can use the link below to read it.

Silent Passengers – Inside the Spiral

In part three, Becky will continue her conversation with Amy and begin her journey. I would love to know what you think of this new story that I’m working on. So don’t be shy, I love hearing from you. And until next time, be kind to yourself.





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