Fate’s Intention

Sarah’s Final Plea

“Scram!” Her lover should’ve been told.

His callous words aimed without care.

Those cruel eyes with the clear intent to maim.

Striking once, twice…She had no choice.

Echoing across time, her voice

resounding words of appeal –

A desperate plea with no claim.

The sounds of a shattered soul requesting repair.

And with reparations still unpaid,

 more heartache waiting to unfold.


An Unexpected Twist

Sarah’s soul condemned to relive that final fury.

The same night Lady Luck presented her with a gift never foretold.

The long awaited chance to rejoice.

Sarah had welcomed her lover with open arms.

Together they would hoist their glasses to toast

good fortune, and maybe even fame.

But in some sick fatal twist,

a lovers’ quarrel made bold

by spirits’ copious consumption.

The cold night air swallowing her cries for help.


The Keepers of Fate

How dare anyone challenge destiny.

Fate’s alone to behold.

The keepers of fate could not be swayed –

United in their task

as Atropos suffered no delay.

Her shears always on the ready.

Upon hearing Sarah’s cries, all three sisters frowned,

but could do no more.

The sisters’ place was not to ask Fate his intent.

For he was well known to never relay

that to anyone, not possessing such propensity.

Fate preferred to work alone, and kept a lonely domain –

Self-appointed guardian of the door.


A Lover’s Score

Sarah’s voice grew louder and stronger

through the years in search of her lover.

Old now, as he lay in bed gasping for air.

Friends and family at his side.

His game almost over with no more cards left to play.

Time to put away the dice.

An old lover’ s voice filling his heart with fear.

Her voice resonating words of retribution –

Waiting to join two souls in time.

A savage union born of a woman’s rage and a man’s repentance.

Fated to frame their souls in bitter lament –

An eternal dance of despair.

Atropos – with a smile upon her face,

finally understands Fate’s intent,

and is ready to achieve his choice.

©Brenda Baker ~ Caffeinated Ramblings


One my early poems that I originally wrote in 2015. Due to its length, I added headings to break up the text. I can only hope that it works within the context of a poem. It also represents a brief phase in which I indulged in the longer narrative poem, and my experimentation with rhyming patterns.

I’ve also included a link that offers some background information on the three sisters of fate from which I drew some of my inspiration.



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6 Responses

  1. -Eugenia says:

    This is outstanding! Love it.

    • CyberneticBlonde says:

      Thank you, Eugenia! I appreciate your amazing support! Wishing you a wonderful weekend. 🙂

  2. Tami says:

    Wow Brenda! Epic – that is the first word that came to mind. Bravo!! 😀

    • CyberneticBlonde says:

      I’m honored by such amazing support, Tami.💜 Thank you so much!🌻You rock! Wishing you a very happy Friday!😊

  3. sheldonk2014 says:

    This what I call threading the needle
    This is so strong it could walk on its own
    Simply beautiful
    This is the kind of piece you
    Could read again and again
    And get something different
    Every time, As Sheldon Always

    • CyberneticBlonde says:

      I can’t thank you enough for such amazing support, Sheldon. I smiled from ear to ear as I read your comment. I hope all is well with you. Wishing you an absolutely amazing week ahead!

Your beautiful words always give me reason to smile.


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