Monthly Archive: June 2017


Silk Rose

Standing at the edge of town with your long red hair dancing in the summer breeze, I can’t help wonderin’ why you look so damn blue. Your dress from way outta town – Cause...


Moonlight Waltz

 …Reaching for his bride as the sands of time sift through the years. Love’s grace etched in the moonlight – A waltz between heaven and earth with the world left to work itself out....


Fate’s Intention

Sarah’s Final Plea “Scram!” Her lover should’ve been told. His callous words aimed without care. Those cruel eyes with the clear intent to maim. Striking once, twice…She had no choice. Echoing across time, her...


Out to Lunch

Ladies in white hats and men laughing in wool suits. The captain ready to set sail. It’s a party on the twelve o’clock seas. An event not to be missed – If you have...


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