One Time Editions

Fingers pointed at the world,

accusing it of indifference.

But what of its plan for us?

Everyone with a different answer.

Everyone thinking they’re right.

The world turning the other cheek

to catch the brightest star

on which to hang its faith.

And when one star burns out,

another one found.

So the story writes…

But what of our story?

A one time edition,

how do we want it to read?

Do we reach for the brightest star,

or do we reach within ourselves?

Will the pages shout in triumph,

or turn back in fear?

What are we willing to fight for?

On what do we hang our faith?

Wishing we could rip out chapter nine,

but it lead us to chapter ten –

one of our greatest achievements.

The real question is, what will we write next?

Β©Brenda Baker~Caffeinated Ramblings 2017

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8 Responses

  1. Jerry Peri says:

    Nice piece. You have style and you write with ease!

    • CyberneticBlonde says:

      Thank you once again, Jerry! I read a few of your posts and enjoyed very much. I also like your blog layout.😊

  2. -Eugenia says:

    What a lovely poem, Brenda. And the images perfectly compliment your penned words.

  3. Tami says:

    Well done Brenda! Very inspiring. This is a poem that you should share with your students. It brought me back to my high school days when the world was my oyster! How exciting that time in life was just before graduation! Sometimes I wish that I could rip out chapter 9, but then my story would probably not have had the happily ever after. πŸ™‚

    • CyberneticBlonde says:

      Thank you so so much, Tami! My students know how much I love poetry.😊 I remember those days as well. The years have gone by way too quickly. What it is to be so young and filled with the promise of tomorrow. A feeling that we need to hold on to throughout our lives.πŸ’œ I have a few chapters that I’d like to rip out , but I probably wouldn’t be where I am now without them either. Each chapter has its place in our story. Wishing you a great week ahead!😊

  4. sheldonk2014 says:

    What a piece
    Simply beautiful
    As Sheldon Always

    • CyberneticBlonde says:

      I’m honored as always by your wonderful words and kind support, Sheldon.😊 I hope you have a great week ahead!

Your beautiful words always give me reason to smile.


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