Monthly Archive: April 2017


Puzzle Pieces

The pieces we dare not share kept safe in locked rooms far from ever careless hands. Too many pieces broken or chipped already. A few lost over the years. The wear and tears of...


Tree Branches

Witness to our childish games,  it cannot be bought or bartered. A fragile gift unfairly divided. Ours to invest or spend on regret – Spent either way. Time does not discriminate or take sides....


Paper Lies

Standing here on this busy street,  I don’t know where the hell I’m going – Another fool played by love. How could I be so blind? My best friend messin’ up our bed. How...


My Gift to You

As I marvel at your creation, I’m reminded that miracles do exist. Each finger and toe a masterpiece.  My heart overflowing with unknown wonder. This life made whole by your presence – gifted to...


Through the Years

When I grow up, I’m gonna be a princess. I’m gonna buy a castle  and live happily ever after… Well, maybe not. But when I grow up, I’m gonna have lots of money. I’m...


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