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We Are Who We Choose to Be

Among other things, I’ve been busy working on my poetry book this week. And I started using a different program to create it. After a  new learning curve, I’m now comfortable with the different...


Mammograms and Call Backs

Well, it’s getting late in my little corner of the world, and the snow is falling ever so gently. It’s really quite beautiful under the moonlight sky – until tomorrow when I’ll need to...


Murder on Birch Street

Max was lying in his usual spot for this time of evening. He prided himself on being a creature of good habits, and the fire was so inviting during the cold winter months in...


The Rising Cost of Pepper

Well, I was at Wal-Mart last Saturday to pick up a few things that we needed like coffee, milk, cereal, cheese, etc… Oh right! And let’s not forget pepper – the most underrated of...


From Where I Am

You can’t help me,  so spare me your pity. It won’t do an ounce of good, nor will it do for me to cry. Because – in case you haven’t noticed, I can’t afford...


A New Dawn

She stood in line waiting  for a break that never came. Then she fell head first to the bottom of a bottle… Winter had grown old when she picked herself back up – climbing...


One More Time

Her head bowed in silence until she can find the courage to fight another day out there. Today mixed like all the rest. Her heart beating inside its cage – wishing it didn’t hurt...



If only you could see me, you would see the years  outlining my face in faded shades  of crimson and blue. If only you could see me, you would see the river of tears...


Love’s Promise

  Two souls now joined in time, with love’s candle guiding them here. Their union sealed by faith, and kissed by Venus – Whispering a simple promise to hold them forever in her arms....


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