The Thoughts of a Wandering Mind

In sanity dwells my insanity. ~Brenda Baker


Welcome to Caffeinated Ramblings – always fresh brewed. This is where I share the thoughts of my wandering mind and other (nonsensical) stuff. That said, I’ve been told some of the stuff is pretty good, but family and friends are supposed to say nice things about us.

Lately, I’ve been working on my first fantasy novel. It began as a short story, but I finally had to admit failure. I have no idea how long the finished manuscript will be. I tend to follow the words and see where I end up. They always seem to know more than me. Originally, I shared a few blog posts for the story. But as I began to edit, I saw so many instances where I was actually telling myself the story that I ended up removing those posts.

I guess it’s true what they say about writers. We really are just telling ourselves the story in that messy first draft, which is a good thing. If people were subjected to those godawful first scribblings, there’d be a global shortage of readers. However, I’m hoping to share updates and other info as I get further into my novel.

That being said, if you take a quick look at the listed blog sections, you’ll notice a smattering of different categories. Feel free to check them out at your leisure.

At this point, I should probably mention that I only post on Sundays, and not every Sunday – even less when I’m working on a project such as my novel. As a substitute teacher, my weeks are often busy. So, when I do post, the Sunday timeline gives me a chance to write, organize, and share through my blog.

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Last but not least, I’m also happy to share that I’ve published my debut poetry collection. You can read more about it here or click on the button at the bottom of this page.


Never let your inner critic tell you what to do. ~Brenda Baker


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My Debut Poetry Book